September 27, 2017
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January 5, 2018
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Studio Membership



For experienced potters, who are not interested in taking classes, use of the studio is available for $ 215.00 per month plus firing fees.

Members will have access to flexible open studio hours, as well as access to all of the studio equipment (slab rollers, wheels, extruders, clays, glazes and kilns).

A one month’s membership payment in addition will be required as a deposit and will be applied to your last month membership fee. Memberships can begin at any point in the month. $40 Material/Firing Fee balance will be maintained monthly. A 30 day cancellation notice will be required. Renters will receive one shelf: H 14” x W 36” x D 18” (Shelf sizes may vary according to need) in addition to shared bisque and glaze shelving. Studio renter will have access to open studio hours except during adult classes.

24/7 Studio Access Available!

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