Ming Yuen-Schat

Stevie Yun
August 25, 2017
Carolyn Bahar
September 4, 2017

Ming Yuen-Schat

I was born in Taiwan, and earned my BFA in ceramics and architecture design from Massachusetts College of Art and a Master of Architecture from MIT.

My work is inspired by Asian (particularly Japanese) sensibilities and its many rituals. It is a reinterpretation, a fusion of east and west. I am interested in gesture, in attitude. I enjoy deconstructing traditional forms, challenging Western distinctions between functional and fine art, and redefining function according to essence: what is essential? I am searching for the tension between quietness and dynamic fluidity in the interplay of form and surfaces.

I am particularly interested in the interplay between modernism and wabi-sabi. As an artistic form, wabi-sabi embraces that which is imperfect, asymmetrical, deliberately crude. This is diametrically opposed to the influence of commercialized modernism, in which we place value in slick, high-tech and machine-made objects and consider imperfection to be a defect. I am playing with ambiguity and contradiction.

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