COVID-19 Practices


  • All employees will maintain  6 ft. from each other or interacting with children/campers and will wear a face covering.
  • Anyone who enters our studios will have their temperature ready by our non contact thermometers.
  • All students/campers will be required to wear masks. We will have disposable masks for any child or parent that does not have one.
  • All our staff will be in compliance with our safety measures and will assist all children to maintain safety measures.
  • Our staff have been trained in our safety measures and all have a clear bill of health.
  • We have reconfigured our spaces to limit our capacity to 10 or fewer children/campers.  For our Clay & Art Mini-Camp, there will be no more than 7 children and our studios will be closed to the public. In our Clay Studio, there will be no more than 6 children and the studio will be closed to members and other students.
  • All work tables are placed 6 feet of social distance.  All pottery wheels are placed in 6 feet of social distance inside plexiglass cubicles.
  • We have signs and markers on the floor and walls to children maintain 6 feet of social distancing guidelines.
  • Upon arrival to our studios, all staff and children/ campers will sanitize their hands with hand sanitizer provided by The Painted Pot/ClayHouse Brooklyn.  We will require staff and children to practice safe hygiene throughout  the day, between activities, after using the restroom, before eating and before departing our studios.
  • We have hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial Clorox wipes, disposable vinyl and latex gloves & disposable hand napkins at our entrance, at every work area, in the bathrooms and in our sink areas.
  • The studio is cleaned every day with CDC approved cleaning supplies. All our work surfaces, paint bottles, brushes, buckets and tools will be wiped down frequently with anti-bacterial  wipes by our staff during and after all camp sessions.
  • Our bathrooms are locked and each child will be allowed in one at a time.  They are cleaned through out the day, every day and are stocked with antibacterial soap and disposable hand towels.  All electric hand dryers are turned off.