Curious About Clay?  
Now, you can play with some clay in our studio along with maybe painting a pot. 
Due to COVID-19, we have limited space in our studio. It is highly recommended to reserve your spot in our studio for your preferred time by clicking the buttons below.
How it works! 

Clay Options:  

1. Low fire which will need to be fired in our kilns –

First Day = Cost: $20     Reserve time in our studio to create your project. We will       call when clay is out of the kiln.

Second Day = Cost: $10 Reserve time to come back and paint your clay projects.

2.  Air dry, no firing is needed.   

     One Day = Cost: $18  Reserve time to create your project. If you choose to paint your project, we will provide a choice of four acrylic paints to use.

You will receive one pound of clay with some tools and a little bit of water. 

We will provide a short tutorial:

  1. The project cannot be solid, must be hollow inside.
  2. We will show you how to attach: score and slip.
  3. No thin long pieces will be allowed. 
  4. No beads will be allowed.
  5. Limit to one or two projects which cannot be smaller than 2 inches. 

Low Fire Clay: 

You can paint after they are finished making pot.   After you finish, your pot must dry for one week, then we need to fire twice:  bisque and glaze firings. 

If they choose Air Dry Clay, you can paint at home with a choice of four acrylic paint colors or paint in the studio if time permits.