Walk-In Clay

Curious About Clay?  
Now, you can play with some clay in our studio along with maybe painting a pot. 
Due to COVID-19, we have limited space in our studio. It is highly recommended to reserve your spot in our studio for your preferred time by clicking the buttons below.
How it works 

Clay Options:  

  • Low fire which will need to be fired in our kilns – Cost: $24
  •  Air dry, no firing is needed – Cost: $18
What to Expect: 
  • At our studio, you will receive 1.5 lbs of clay which is pre-packaged in plastic, a paint brush and a fork. 
  • We will provide a short tutorial and then you are free to create a project.

Paint Your Clay: 

  • Option 1: If you would like to paint your clay, you can do so at this time.  After you are finished, we will allow you masterpiece to dry for a week, then we will need to fire your pot twice in our kilns.  We will call after two weeks when  your pottery is ready to pick up.
  • Option 2: If you choose air dry clay, you can paint at home with a choice of four acrylic paint colors.